An online store — increasingly popular solution

Shopping on the Internet is more and more popular among the customers. The reasons for that are twofold:

  • first of all — the number of issues we handle online is constantly increasing due to convenience and time-efficacy
  • secondly, our confidence in the security of online transactions grows.

Running a business online is profitable for entrepreneurs as well. They no longer have to rent premises, pay the lease or employ and train salesmen. The online store is therefore a beneficial solution for both parties — sellers and buyers alike. Nevertheless, running an online shop requires performing particular actions that differ from those that are directed towards traditional stores. Their short description is described below.

Website readability

An online store cannot function without a website tailored to make purchases safely. It must be fully clear and legible for anyone who finds it, and — since more and more users browse the web on mobile — responsive. The readability of the site and a clear structure encourage the clients to peruse the store’s offer, and thus, to make a conversion. The element that reminds the user that he can make a purchase at any time is the most important. This can be simply the button with „Buy now” message.

Clear and exhaustive product descriptions

Writing clear and exhaustive product descriptions is crucial. Customers are aware that photos or videos of the products may be subjected to graphic processing, which means that their actual appearance may largely differ from that presented on the web. Therefore, when running a clothes store, provide clothing sizes, colours, exact dimensions, and material composition. When electronic equipment is being sold, providing technical data and parameters is important. Include all crucial details in the product description. This will diminish the number of returns and complaints, and it is good for SEO as well.

Clear information about the delivery time and cost

In addition to photos and a detailed description of the products, it is important for the customer to know about the total cost they will have to cover. This is not just about the actual price of the goods, but also the shipping. A good solution is to propose several delivery options – depending on whether the buyer is more interested in fast delivery time or lower price. Shipping information should be as easily available as the cost of the product itself.

Effective client communication

Good communication with customers may positively affect the popularity of an online store. Primarily, it consists of responding to their messages in a timely manner. Creating more than one contact method is a good idea. These may include, for example: providing a company telephone number, setting a contact form, enabling a Facebook Page chat etc. Excellent customer service will ensure growing trust in your brand and services.

Client reviews — monitoring & constructive responses

Taking a step further, good communication with the clients makes reacting mindfully to their reviews necessary. Advisable course of action is to respond to all messages and comments — both positive and negative. In the case of positive feedback, it is a good idea to thank the client and encourage him to use the company’s services in the future. On the other hand, in a situation where the opinion is negative, one should relate to it honestly. Try to explain the reason for customer’s dissatisfaction, propose possible solutions, say sorry. Ensure that similar situation will not take place in the future. In some cases a discount or an honest apology can convince the client to change their opinion.

Efficient complaints and returns system

Efficient complaints and returns system can diminish the number of negative clients’ reviews. Information about the possibility of return should be located on the website in a visible place. This will help you gain the trust of customers. If they receive a product that is not in line with their expectations — they will immediately know what to do to return and exchange it. Providing useful information about the conditions of returns — shipping costs, waiting time, etc. — is very important.

Search Engine Optimization of the store’s website

SEO services can make any online store more profitable and efficient. Potential customers are more likely to find the website. The popularity of the shop increases, and in turn — more sales are being made. SEO specialists help promote the website in organic search results. They ensure that the site is rich in the unique, relevant content. It needs to exactly meet the expectations of potential customers that enter the page, to be more successful and visible. SEO allows you to make that happen.

Running an online store — summary

There are many factors that contribute to running an online store more efficiently. These are, first of all: website readability, clear and exhaustive product descriptions, information about the date of shipment and delivery costs, effective client communication, customer reviews monitoring, efficient complaints and returns system and SEO. However, it may be important (as in the case of traditional stores) to additionally focus on following the prevailing trends, marketing, and keeping the high quality and affordable price of the offered products.